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LIC Motorsports Front Geometry Corrected 5x114.3 Knuckles (05-07 STi)

Item # LIC 082074.1/2

The LIC Motorsports modified and geometry corrected 5x114.3 knuckles is designed for people looking to upgrade their front roll centers/bump steer geometry from having a lowered vehicle.

The geometry corrected knuckles are precision CNC machined/modified to accommodate these often over looked but necessary changes.  In addition the knuckle has been trimmed where the brake calipers mount, that way more aftermarket brake applications will fit universally with it.  The roll center/bump steer area has been corrected and will accommodate vehicles 1.5” lower from stock all the way down to 4” lower than stock and still maintain proper geometry throughout.  *if wanted to rebump steer the car it can easily be done with adjustment of different spacers.  Current configuration is what LIC Motorsports has found to work best*

In order to understand why this kit is necessary you need to know a few things about some critical terms.

Roll Center:  As the vehicle rolls the roll centers migrate. It is this movement of roll centers that vehicle dynamics seek to control and in most cases limit. The rapid movement of roll centers when the system experiences small displacements can lead to stability problems with the vehicle. The roll center height has been shown to affect behavior at the initiation of turns such as nimbleness and initial roll control.

Bump Steer:  Is the toeing in or out of the front tires as the wheel travels in bump or rebound is referred to as bump steer.  Bump steer is the result of the steering kinematics differing from the suspension kinematics in bump (they have different arcs).  


How does it help?

Ok now that we have the terms out of the way we can get to the overall specifics as to why this works on the LIC Motorsports modified and geometry corrected knuckles.  The knuckles offered have been thoroughly calculated/measured and put to the test (these knuckles run on the LIC Motorsports Time Attack STi).  Through years of testing and hiring of the right race car and suspension engineer(s) we have produced what was originally a one off kit that is now available for the masses.  But how does it help?  Getting the geometry back into proper alignment will improve turn in, increase mid-corner grip, allow for less static camber needing to be run, and improve the stability on accleration as well as under braking. This kit is a must if you have a lowered street Subaru or a full blown track/race car. 



The kit uses the factory ball joint supplied on the vehicle (recommend OEM length ball joint ONLY) which is an extremely reliable part and has virtually no side effects of deflection/movement; simply put it’s a part that lasts a long time and is cheap to replace if/when it does go out.  The outer tie rod has been removed and replaced with a motorsport grade rod end (Spherical) and is a double shear design for the utmost rigidity and proper safety under any scenario.  In addition the motorsport rod end allows for no slop or movement and if/when this part wears out it’s a simple and quick cost effective replacement (as opposed to other kits where you need to replace your whole ball joint/tie rod kit if something goes bad or fails).  The custom rod end to inner tie rod adapters are precision machined for a no issue fitment.  The lower roll center extension is also precision CNC machined and welded in place for added rigidity and safety, all while still maintaining factory mounting bolt area’s…it’s literally a replica of how the factory mounting works.  Like on some of the other knuckles offered from LIC, the mounting area for the brake calipers has been clearance to make room for aftermarket brake kit brackets.

Some will still ask, “What makes this kit different than what others offer on the market”.  Simply put it is the most thought-out thorough design; all while utilizing the factory proven uprights and the ability to keep cost down and reasonable for the consumer with added safety incorporated into the design.

The knuckle's are sold in pairs and come a few different ways (Please review the drop down menu for the correct product for your needs).


Available in 2 Configurations (choose from box above)

  • Knuckles Only (kit includes: Left and Right Geometry Corrected Knuckles + Geometry Hardware)
  • Complete Package (kit includes:Left and Right Geometry Corrected Knuckles + Geometry Hardware, x2 Wheel Bearings, x8 Wheel Bearing Bolts, x2 Axle Nuts)


Additional Notes:

  • Fitment is for 05-07 STi
  • All inclusive kit (complete plug and play, even down to the cotter pin for castle nut)
  • Motorsport High Strength Teflon Coated Rod Ends (5/8” x 5/8” LH)
  • Motorsport Grade Hardware (1/2" Bolts = 10.9 and Allen Bolts = 12.9)
  • Tig welded
  • 4130 Chromoly Bump Steer/Roll Centers
  • Precision CNC Machined
  • ARP Extended Wheel Studs are available for purchase if needed
  • Highly Recommend Quantum Motorsports Brake Cooling Ducts + Hose Kit
  • Requires the use of 18" wheels.  Inner barrel of wheel must be a minimum of 16" across at its narrowest point.  May not fit will all wheel applications

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