LIC Motorsports Fiberglass Rear Sedan Fender Flares (02-07 WRX/STi)


The LIC Motorsports rear fiberglass fender flares have arrived.  These are a 35mm offset flare that will accomodate up to a 295 tire (using a 18x10 e35 offset wheel).  Method of attachment couldn't be simplier for this fantastic product, there is no cutting, drilling, or modifications needed to mount these flares directly onto your vehicle.  Due to the fiberglass units being heavier, we recommend consulting with your body shop for best method of adhering to the exterior of vehicle.  These fiberglass units will need additional body work to make fitment ideal (no different than any fiberglass component, which always need to be reworked for fitment purposes).

We dont' offer a "How to Install" because there is lots of variables that need to be taken into consideration and it's not an easy 1-2-3 process that will be the same for everybody.  Also other wheel/tire fitments are possible to make work, here is what a customer did for install with his setup and what we recommended if being used for track purposes and/or agressive fitments: bhamblin's 2006 WRX



  • The flares manufactured for LIC Motorsports are furnished in a commercial grade finish and are about 95% ready to paint. They are exact copies of the components that were built on our own car. The components are made as two separate pieces and are assembled to create one finished component.  There is an assembly line at the top of the component that will require a small amount of attention to achieve perfect detail prior to paint.
  • These fiberglass units will need additional body work to make fitment ideal



  • Fitment: 02-07 WRX/STi (Sedan Only)


*The fiberglass units are built to order, time frame once ordered is 2-3 weeks

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