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LIC Motorsports Aluminum Cylinder Head Plugs (02-07 WRX/STi)

Item # LIC 121811

Anyone who has done valve cover gaskets and/or a new build knows how much the OEM units are a drag to put in, as they are plastic and always breakdown and leak in time.

The LIC Motorsports cylinder head plugs (aka half moons) units are designed to be a replacement 1 time for life, as they are made from 6061 aluminum and won't succumb to the same issues as the plastic OEM units do in regards to the constant fluctuations of temperature and breakdown/shrinkage of the plastic.  These are a precision fitment and depending on temps may require a tap to seat perfectly into place.

The LIC Motorsports 6061 aluminum cylinder head plugs come as a set (4 quantity), they are an inexpensive part that will ensure the backside of your motor stays leak free, and last but not least....they are PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA!



  • Just like with the OEM units, you must use sealent when installing these. Permatex grey or black work just fine.



  • x4 6061 Aluminum Cylinder Head Plugs (aka half moons)



  • 02‐07 WRX
  • 04‐07 STi
  • 05‐06 LGT
  • 92‐97 SVX
  • 98 Impreza
  • 98 Forester
  • 04-07 FXT
  • 95‐99 Legacy
  • 05‐06 Tribeca
  • 04-06 Baja
  • 01-05 Outback (6 cyl)
  • 98 Forester