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LIC Motorsports ABS/Speedo Ring Spacer (8mm)

Item # LIC 020711.8

LIC Motorsports is constantly looking to bring their knowledge of what They've learned in transforming a street car to a full blown track car to the masses.  Here is another part that was instrumental in being able to eradicate the common issues with inferior 5x100 wheel bearings used for track use.

The LIC Motorsports ABS/Speedo Ring Spacer is designed for folks looking to convert their front older 5x100 inferior wheel bearings to the stouter 5x114.3 ones.  In undertaking this process there is lots of items that need to be taken into account.  One of the major ones being how to space out the  ABS/Speedo Ring gear and get it back into proper alignment with the ABS Sensor.  Well we have the solution.  This spacer has 2 different variations available, the first being 6mm, and the second one being 8mm.  The reason there are two choices is b/c there are 2 different size ABS/Speedo Ring gears across different models.  Just like with the OEM ones these will be a must when used with the LIC Motorsports custom front knuckles.

These spacers are made from 6061 T6 Aluminum and they maintain a strict tolerance of 0.005-0.001.  A professional installer is recommended as the need for various tools is mandatory, which includes but is not limited to: various tools, heat/cold treatments, and a press. 


  • These will NOT go on by beating them into place, they are a precision fit.
  • Before ordering measure your ABS/Speedo Ring thickness
  • Includes x2 ABS/Speedo Ring Spacers (8mm)

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