LIC Motorsports 5x114.3 to 5x100 Bearing/Hub Conversion (02-07 WRX, 04 STi)

Item # LIC 042012

LIC Motorsports has been working long and hard to bring these 5x114.3 to 5x100 conversion Bearings/Hubs to the marketplace.  Ever since the release of the custom modified knuckles back in early 2011, the demand has been made and it is now available.

Commonly folks whom track their cars are trying to upgrade the bearings b/c the older style stuff just has too much failure under harsher conditions.  These OEM 05+ STi bearing/hub assemblies have been machined down to fit the WRX and 04 STi.  The lug pattern has been changed/drilled to 5x100 and outer OD has been trimmed to accommodate the smaller ID in those rotors.  This is a perfect way to do things in stages and avoid the step of having to get rid of the current 5x100 wheels/rotors.  These bearings still require the use of 05+ Knuckles (be sure to check out all the options LIC Motorsports has available in the "Knuckles Catalog", which cover's everyone's needs to be able to run these units).



  • Fitment: 02-07 WRX, 04-08 FXT, 04 STi
  • Will require the use of LIC Motorsports 6mm or 8mm ABS/Speedo Ring Spacer
  • Sold in pairs only (Quantity 2)


2012 GR

Will this fit my 2012 Subaru WRX?

LIC Response

not without our modified front knuckle kit

96 Impreza coupe

Would these fit my 96 Impreza coupe? If yes what other parts of the kit do I need? I see abs spacer mentioned does that affect offset of your wheel in any way?

LIC Response

I believe we already emailed back and forth, yes and no...yes they fit, but not direct plug and play with your ABS (you would need to run WRX ABS sensors at min).


I was wondering what axles need to be used for these? I have a 02 wrx and have 06 sti knuckles, do i need to switch to 04 sti axles? Thanks in advance!

LIC Response

These bearings are designed to be used with our hub conversion kits. Your 02 axles will work with these bearings but you would also need our ABS/Speedo Ring Spacer if you plan to maintain ABS.

Hubs front

Hi I have a wrx sti gc8 with standard front hubs. I have bought wheels with 114.3 stud pattern and need the larger bearing in my hubs. Do you sell everything I need to change over the front from 5 x100 to 5 x 114.3? Thanks.

LIC Response

You can find these kits located in our site, it's in the: store > suspension > knuckles category

hub conversion

Hi. I currently bought a 05 sti dccd 6speed, etc for my 02 wrx. Now the rear drive shaft wont fit into my stock hub. Question: will this hub will work in my car?

LIC Response

This bearing/hub is for the front only and requires the use of the 05+ STi front knuckle as well.

So you need to order 2 kits?

So you need to order 2 kits? For front and rear correct?

LIC Response

This kit does not work in the above application for stock vehicle's. It's designed to be used with the LIC Motorsports modified knuckles, which can be found in the suspension catalog. These are for fronts only as well.

knuckle fitment?

will these fit intt a standard 02 wrx knuckle or do they need to be upgraded to the latter sti 114.5 knuckle?

LIC Response

That info can be found right in the description, "These bearings still require the use of 05+ Knuckles (be sure to check out all the options LIC Motorsports has available in the "Knuckles Catalog", which cover's everyone's needs to be able to run these units)."

Hub Conversion

I have a Built 5 speed in my bug eye that's mated up to an r180 rear end with sti axles and hubs in the rear. Unfortunately my wheels have to be different lug patterns being that the rear is 5x114. Do you make these kits in an actual 5x114 that can still mate up to my factory axles because I see you have the 04 sti 5x114 conversion. I would basically just need the front half of that.

LIC Response

Not 100% sure what exactly you're asking. We offer complete front end conversion kits to the newer 5x114.3 bearing/hub/knuckle and you still have the ability to run the 5x100. The rears can't be altered to 5x114.3 unless you do a complete conversion on the rear of the car (knuckle, hubs, axle, e-brake, brakes, axles, rear diff, etc...)

I guess how I should have put

I guess how I should have put it is that I have completely changed over my rear end with 07 STi parts (r180, axles, ebrake, and hubs) so now I run dual drilled wheels to make up for having stock 5x100 hubs in the front and STi 5x114s in the rear. What parts would I need to be able to keep my 5 speed, yet upgrade the front hubs to the superior STi ones and have them be 5x114 to match my rears? Because this kit says they are 5x100. Normal STi hubs won't accept my axles since the splines are different so that's where I'm hoping you guys come in! Hope that made more sense otherwise I'll try calling lol.

LIC Response

That's incorrect, you can run front WRX axles with STi front knuckles, we have these parts listed in our online Knuckle catalog (we have every variation for any configuration), here it is for you:


I already have a set and need them modified. Would you be able to that?

LIC Response

Unfortunately no, we only offer this service with new parts


Are these hubs designed to fit the factory axles on an 02 WRX? My understanding is that the standard 5x114 hubs do not mate up with the outer spline on my rear axles.

LIC Response

These Bearings/Hubs are for the front, not the rears.

Brake rotors?

After using these hubs, which brake rotors would I use for my 07 wrx, seeing as it would be 5x114.3?

LIC Response

These 5x114.3 to 5x100 bearings are to be run in conjunction with our conversion knuckles for non STi applications

2005 sti

I have a 2005 2.5L WRX STI , version 10, will these fit it? Kind regards Martin Baker

LIC Response

A 2005 STi has no use for this product, as its already 5x114.3, these 5x114.3 to 5x100 bearings are to be run in conjunction with our conversion knuckles for non STi applications (see fitment to the right)

Ohk, now I understand, Any

Ohk, now I understand, Any suggestions on how i would be able to change my 5x114 hubs to 5x100 with out the use of adapters as Im pretty sure v7 sti hubs will not fit my v10 sti Kind Regards Martin

LIC Response

It would require running all WRX stuff, which would be not advised and defeat the purpose of owning a its all inferior components.