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Cusco 15mm Universal Air/Oil Separator Catch Can

Item # 00B 010 A
$225.00 MSRP $240.00

The Air/Oil Separator or Catch Can solves a simple problem from the manufacturer; it transfers the oil into the catch can not the intake. This not only keeps the vehicle within specs of smog but keeps the oil from coating the tops of the pistons. We all know what that does to any tune you have; it causes detonation, a very bad thing for turbo engines. 

Detonation often leads to serious motor damage or even a blown motor.



  • This is a universal product


how would this be routed?

PCV valve capped? how would you drain it? thanks.

LIC Response

This is technically a catch can but Cusco calls this unit a Air/Oil Separator as its their version of it.

how is this supposed to be routed?

i see 3 connections and a normal CC has 2.

LIC Response

The top connection goes to the turbo inlet, and the other 2 go to the breathers. Again its not a complete AOS drain back system in the sense that it drains back into the block, this unit catches the oil and holds it like a traditional catch can, so it still needs to be drained from time to time.