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ACL Main Bearing Set (02+ WRX/STi)

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ALC's main bearings are made of a softer metal so that you don't wear out your crank or engine block. Additionally, a thin layer of oil lubricates the connection between the bearings and the crank allowing the crank to "float" and reduce wear. Proper support via main bearings is crucial to prevent oscillations and wear that can damage the crankshaft and other components as the motor moves further out of balance.

Bearings with extra oil clearance will absorb the stress of higher horsepower motors greater, but will see increased wear during start up. We recommend these be purchased by experienced professionals only.


Size H bearings are a nominal standard size and are used for most applications.

Size HX bearings feature an additional .001" more oil clearance than factory.



  • Subaru main bearings are specific to either a #5 or #3 journal bearing position. Journal bearing position is not VIN or year specific, it must be known prior to purchase. Please be sure which bearings you need.
  • These Bearings are position #5
  • Sold as Main Bearing set only (Rod set not included)

Part Numbers

SKU: 5M8309H-STD - Size H Bearings
SKU: 5M8309HX-STD  - Size HX Bearings

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