About Us

LIC Motorsports (Levy's Innovations & Conversions Motorsports) is owned and operated by Adam Levy. Adam is an avid Subaru fan and a true enthusiast at heart. He has been tweaking stuff from back in the days of Lego's.

From day one Adam was a very mechanical person; his folks thought for sure he would be an engineer, as he just "thinks like that". After attending college in Colorado for a few years and getting his Associates Degree Adam decided it was time to start life in the real world.View of outside the shop While out in Colorado he drove his friends Subaru Outback Sport and loved how it handled in the snow. Upon returning to California he felt the need to have a Subaru of his own.

In early 2000, Adam called his younger brother Noah to go down to the dealership and help wheel and deal for a black 1998 RS. Little did they know it would be the beginning of a journey Adam would still be riding today. While owning the RS Adam did a JC Sports Turbo Kit. After many years of drag racing, track events, and tweaking the car it finally blew its head gaskets. That was about the time Subaru released the turbo charged 2002 WRX. In the summer of 2002, Adam once again called on Noah to pitch an idea at him. It was simple, take a 2002 WRX motor and harness and splice it into his car, maintain all the emission controls and he would have himself a 100 percent California compliant smog legal conversion. Noah was skeptical but believed in his brother’s abilities and loaned him the $6,000 to buy the wrecked car that was needed to perform the transformation.

Nearly two and a half months of dissecting through thousands of pages of schematics and diagrams and what seemed to be miles of wiring had finally paid off. Adam became the first person in the country to successfully perform the ever so popular conversions known to this day. Within a short time frame a little company by the name of I-Speed USA approached Adam with an idea. The plan was for Adam to buy a third of the company and become responsible for performing the conversions that would now be marketed to the public. With a growing business and a few dozen conversions under their belt I-Speed USA wanted to relocate to southern California (which later ended up merging with another shop). Adam was not interested in moving seeing that the client base had already been laid in northern California. I-Speed USA and Adam decided it was time to part ways...a new business was formed within weeks.

The customer waiting roomLIC Motorsports opened its doors for business in February 2004. The shop started small. In a mere 1500 square feet, LIC Motorsports was a two man team. Today the shop sits in a 2500 square foot location equipped with state of the art machines, tools and is known to be one of the most technologically advanced shops around. The company focuses on everything from regular maintenance services to full track builds. The dedication the Levy brothers have is unlike most has ever experienced. Hopefully in time it will help set the bar for other shops alike.