LIC Motorsports goes 360!

Mon, 07/18/2011 - 6:22pm - Noah Levy
LIC Motorsports goes 360!

Well LIC yet again has acquired another shop vehicle...ever since we've been working on Subarus we always have been on the look out for one of these. We know they are hard to come by and ALWAYS need work, if they even run at all. We finally found one, it runs, its decent, and will be a fun project car for the shop.

The immediete plans are to become familiar with the interworkings of it, find parts, and correct some of the minor things going on with it.  Its going to be a work in progess, doing little by little over time.  The worst part is, its very hard to find parts for these things.  Being that its darn near 42 years old, nothing is made here comes eBay (just the sound of that gives me heartburn, I'm not a fan of doing stuff like that.  I'd just perfer to know where the parts are, click, buy, and be done with it but that's not what we got when we got this car...we know its a process to get things). 

The car heads to the body shop tomorrow for paint (need to correct some rust on the roof and get that taken care of before it ends up with a hole in the roof.  Next on the list and is already being worked on in the shop is the brake lights, currently the right rear is not working (Adam is already chasing wires and trying to fix it).  Other items to address immedietly is tires, these are a must and need to happen very soon as the current ones are cracked and not safe.  Did you know this car has a 2 piece wheel, with a tube...yep its like a trailer tire, ha ha.  But even those aren't the easiest to get, they are a random size (4.50-10).

We will be doing a build up on this and do updates on our progress...Have a look at our 1969 Subaru 360 Van. Yes its that tiny!

Some fun facts: 5' tall, 25 hp, 65 mpg, top speed of 59 mph, 2 stroke/2 cylinder with 356cc


We will be updating images of this car in the project section, be sure to check it out: Project 360