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Aug 13, 2015
CSF Radiators O Series Radiator/Oil Cooler Combo Kits
Always striving for the highest quality engineered products and affordable to the masses, we here at LIC Motorsports have been working with CSF Radiators​ for almost a year now to assist in bringing a fantastic option to market for these cars.  One that not only meets others standards but exceeds technology in its class.  We are honored to be a strategic partner on this venture and we feel that it will be a product you won't want to be without!
Feb 11, 2015
Non Genuine Pump
At times we get asked why our 105k service costs more than the next shop.  The answer is simple, we use OEM Genuine parts or better....NOT inferior products passed off as OEM.
Jan 30, 2014
The Dreaded Subaru Head Gasket Issue
Non turbo 4 cylinder applications all have head gasket issues, you've heard this before, most of you know this, and yes its a result of a bad/faulty design with the gasket.The factory gaskets have a coating that deteriorates over time (typically between 80-120k miles. That range is dependent on if you've run the SOA mandatory coolant conditioner, which is designed to get you past that 100k mile hump).
Jul 29, 2013
For those that didn't see...we will now be offering pinned mains on cases as an option on bigger builds. This isn't something that is necessary for everyone but anyone over 400whp and 25psi of boost, its something that should at least be considered.    
Mar 20, 2013
LIC Motorsports Sponsored Teams Place Big!
A big weekend for LIC supported drivers/teams. Check out these fantastic results and accomplishments by all these drivers.        
Mar 04, 2013
Palmer Sanderson's  S13
This weekend was the inaugural event of the Sonoma Drift Series.  It's a 4 race series that will put amateur drivers to the test on a course that is both power inspired as well as technical.  Having a well rounded car and being a smooth driver is paramount.  The title winner at the end of the series gets to walk away with $3,000 cash!  LIC Motorsports sponsored driver Palmer Sanderson was in attendance with his 1993 240sx (S13) and gave us an event recap on how his weekend went.  
Oct 09, 2012
We thought it would be fun to let you guys in on the making of the LIC Motorsports Adj. Idlers.  Often times one never really thinks just how something is made, albeit that it never crosses one's mind, too busy to even think about it, and/or just downright don't even care.  Well we know some do care and would be interested; so this article is for you!   The chronology is like many other designed parts...which has a chain of events that must occur
Sep 27, 2012
Our friends over at Snail Performance / Forced Air Technologies just did some amazing work at this past weekend’s Global Time Attack event in Texas! All these cars run a LIC Motorsports part or two on them. Big congrats to these guys for doing a great job...       ~ RESULTS ~  
Aug 27, 2012
Milltek BRZ/FR-S Exhaust Systems now available!
For more than 29 years of continuous exhaust development and technical expertise are drawn upon to develop the ultimate Milltek Sport range of performance products, offering an ever-expanding comprehensive selection of performance exhausts which build on the successes of key marques like Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, BMW and Nissan. As of just recently Milltek has been taking off in the Subaru marketplace.
Feb 16, 2012
From Modified Magazine... Infineon Raceway, formerly known as Sears Point, is one of the more dramatic racing circuits in America. As much as this track’s name makes us want to dress up like Buzz Lightyear and shout, “To Infineon and beyond!” the track itself makes us want to throw on our racing shoes and do our best Gary Sheehan impression around this twisty masterpiece carved into the hillside terrain of Sonoma’s wine country.